May 2018

Here is a snapshot of what we’re doing. Take a look at our blogposts and the latest news from Deep Blue.

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L’Europa lancia una terza serie di azioni per modernizzare il sistema europeo dei trasporti. Sicura, ecologica, connessa ed automatizzata: è la mobilità che la Commissione Europea disegna per l’immediato futuro con il terzo e ultimo pacchetto di misure per “L’Europa in movimento”, dopo i precedenti di maggio e novembre 2017. Gli obiettivi? Il dimezzamento delle vittime...

We are closing today our course on liability and automation, hosted by EUROCONTROL's Institute Of Air Navigation Services (IANS) and lasting 3 days. We addressed the SESAR Joint Undertaking vision on increasing automation and its impact on the liability distribution among the ATM stakeholders (ANSPs, airlines, system manufacturers) and roles (ATCOs, pilots, system designers and...

Working in transport is not for women. This is what one might think by reading the statistics on female employment in this sector. Yet women can perform any job. But then, why are only 22% of transport workers women? There seem to be two main reasons: working conditions and gender issues. Women in the transport sector In the...