Future of ATM

What competency and expertise for the future of ATM?

Innovation and new technologies are changing the nature of work, reshaping the human-machine relationship and replacing old jobs with new ones. As these changes greatly concern the air traffic management sector, it is necessary to prepare for them. What will happen to ATM in the next 20 years? What effects will derive from Big Data, the implementation of virtual and augmented reality, and increasing automation and drones operations? Which new skills and competences will be required of the workforce?
Linda Napoletano, member of the ACARE WG5 Research, Infrastructure, Education & Workforce, and human factors and training expert at Deep Blue, provides her point of view in the 27th Issue of HindSight, EUROCONTROL’s magazine: read her article on “Competency and expertise for the future of ATM“.
In it, Linda mentions four EU-funded research projects tackling the challenges of the changing nature of ATM and of the transport system in general: to know more about them, visit their websites at Mobility4EU, STRESS, MOTO and KAAT.

Linda Napoletano

R&D Director / Partner Human Factors and training expert at Deep Blue.