ClimOP project kicks off

ClimOP project kicks off

ClimOP kicks off today. We are very excited to be coordinating this project.

ClimOp aims at recommending policymakers a set of most promising strategies to mitigate the impact of aviation on climate.
For a long time, air transport has been linked to environmental issues like pollution, noise and climate change. Although the share of the current anthropogenic impact on climate is mild for aviation, considering the projected growth of air traffic for the next decades, such impact is expected to increase.
Consequently, intergovernmental organizations, aircraft manufacturers and operators, and the research community are focusing on different technological, operational and regulatory climate impact mitigation options.

In this framework, ClimOP aims to identify, evaluate and support the implementation of mitigation strategies to initiate and foster operational improvements that reduce the climate impact of the aviation sector.

We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with our project partners!

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