Human Machine partnership study for Tetrapak

We investigated expected future demographic and technological changes with their challenges and opportunities, providing a vision for the future Tetrapak human factory.


Disruptive technologies and megatrends are shaping the future of manufacturing. The fourth industrial revolution is the digitisation of the manufacturing industry through the realisation of the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) combined with artificial intelligence and data science: well designed, Industry 4.0 will enable manufacturers to improve efficiencies whilst reducing costs.


Considering this change, the human being will remain in a dominant role, because it is not expected that the human factor

with its characteristics and capabilities, will be substituted entirely by autonomously acting technology in the foreseeable future. The mechanical intelligence, for instance, is limited to the selection of predefined options, while human creativity, flexibility, the ability to learn and to improve are required to design and configure systems, processes and products. Humans have the expertise and experience to analyse, assess and solve, even in exceptional situation.


The final aim of this vision study was to explore the potential of the innovative technologies

when the role of humans is designed together with intelligent devices, intelligent systems and intelligent automation and fully merged with the physical machines and facilities.


The study is an initial vision for the human factory. It includes a wide SoA on IoT, virtual reality, augmented technologies, and other emerging technologies to identify what is currently developed “outside” and could be brought “in” the Tetra Pak environment.





  • Describe how the workforce, likely to operate and maintain Tetra Pak equipment, will look like in the future and how it will change from today.
  • Study the expectations and needs of the future workforce.
  • Discuss key business challenges and opportunities resulting from these changes.
  • Provide recommendations regarding key impact areas


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