Operators’ mental states measurement

With our neurometrics toolbox we can monitor stress, attention, vigilance, workload and training level.


In partnership with BrainSigns, we have developed the capacity of objectively assess, also in real time, the mental states of operators (e.g. air traffic controllers, pilots, drivers) while they are doing their job.


In particular, we are able to measure:

  • Mental workload
  • Stress
  • Attention
  • Vigilance
  • Training
  • Fatigue



To do so, we analyse operators’ brain activity and body reactions, using techniques such as Electroencephalography, Galvanic Skin Response and Eyetracking.


As compared to the traditional means used to measure those factors (e.g. questionnaires, observation, secondary tasks) our approach has several advantages:


  1. It is Objective
  2. It does not interfere with the working activity
  3. It provides High accuracy and time resolution
  4. It is Customizable and scalable


  • To support the design of new tools or procedures (comparing the impact of alternative solutions on the mental state)
  • To monitor in real time operators’ workload and stress levels
  • To trigger adaptive automation solutions able to adapt to operators’ needs (e.g. providing help when the workload is too high)
  • To enhance training, enabling a more precise assessment of trainees’ progresses


Related projects


  • Cockpit

    • Steer the design of new technologies for pilots, like touchscreens, Head Up Displays or Head Mounted Displays
    • Assess the impact of new technologies and procedures on pilots’ performance
    • Adapt training to trainees’ cognitive load

  • Automotive

    • Investigate the impact of new assistive technologies on drivers’ attention, vigilance and risk taking attitude

  • Air Traffic Management

    • Estimate sector capacity including workload as a relevant metric
    • Comparing alternative airspace designs, analysing which one generates less workload and stress on controllers
    • Assess the benefit/impact of new technologies on controllers’ performance
    • Measure the impact of new procedures on operators and coordination between teams

  • Industry 4.0

    • Measure the benefits of new machines/interfaces on workers’ performance
    • Integrate physical ergonomics methods (e.g. RULA) with analysis of workload, fatigue, and vigilance

Are you an ANSP, an airline, an academy, an avionics designer? Want to know more on how our mental states assessment services can enhance your products and services?

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