Course on Human and Organisational Factors for the Safety Management Systems – Railway Sector

Integrating Human Factors into Operational Safety

Course on Human and Organisational Factors for the Safety Management Systems – Railway Sector

This course aims to support railway companies, infrastructure managers, and other actors in the railway system who aspire to efficiently integrate Human and Organizational Factors (HOF) into their Safety Management System (SMS), pursuant to EU Regulation 762/2018.

This safety training has been successfully assessed by ERA under a pilot qualification scheme (2024)

Improve your safety strategy


This course offers insights into the role of Human Factors and their impact on your organization’s safety performance. It provides essential guidance on how to improve critical activities of the safety management system, such as risk assessment, incident analysis, performance monitoring.

Thanks to a better understanding of the mechanisms that favor both correct performances and errors, participants will be able to identify the most effective solutions for improving safety, including prevention and mitigation measures.


The course on Human and Organizational Factors for Safety Management equips railway sector stakeholders with an understanding of key Human Factors concepts for integration into operational safety.


Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the limits and potentials of the human cognitive system, with a specific focus on attention and memory;
  • Distinguish and classify different types of unsafe actions that people commit on an individual level;
  • Improve the ability to identify organizational and local workplace context factors that influence individual and group performance in complex operational environments.

Course structure:


  • 4 Modules
  • 20 hours online in synchronous mode
  • About 3 hours in asynchronous mode
  • Maximum 12 participants per edition





Module 1: Human Factors and the concept of Stress

Module 2: Strengths and weaknesses of human cognition

Module 3: Error at the individual level

Module 4: Error at the organizational level



The synchronous contents of the 4 modules are integrated by asynchronous contents (video lectures and texts) that allow participants to prepare themselves in the best way for the next module. Upon request, the course can also be delivered in person.

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