Course on Communication and Negotiation

Enhancing professional interactions with effective communication skills.

Course on Communication and Negotiation

Over the course of our program, we will explore various communication biases and styles, with a specific focus on effective negotiation with stakeholders

Communication for modern scenarios and business

Effective communication and negotiation skills are essential for any professional who needs to interact with stakeholders, whether in a business or institutional context. Good communication skills enable individuals to express their ideas clearly, understand others’ perspectives, and build positive relationships in different scenarios

Based on this idea, we develop the “Communication and Negotiation” training, which aims at delivering strategic and operational leverage to staff who need to interact in a smart-working set-up, with both internal and external collaborators.



By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Detect communication biases, and acknowledge the existence of different communication styles.
  • Recognize bad conversation habits and assess active listening techniques.
  • Provide effective feedback to colleagues.
  • Identify their own and others’ negotiation styles and acknowledge the risks of  its crucial aspects.
  • Improve new strategies to lead future negotiations.

Main Topics and Structure

Throughout four modules which embrace several aspects of communication practices, participants engage in group activities and exercises to adapt the skills they learn to new concepts inherent to their operational environment. Main topics: 

  • fundamentals of effective communication: human aspects and interferences. 
  • leading effective conversations: communication skills and active listening. 
  • development of effective negotiations, with a specific focus on making proposals and building trust with stakeholders. 
  • leading difficult negotiation: analysing case studies and implementing new strategies.


The course duration can be customised, with a recommended duration of 2.5 days. The course can be held in English or Italian and modules can be scheduled consecutively, or as stand-alone modules on non-consecutive days.

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