Course on Human-AI Interaction and Teaming

Enhancing the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Course on Human-AI Interaction and Teaming

The ‘Human-AI Interaction and Teaming’ course designed by Deep Blue gives a comprehensive understanding of current AI possibilities, seeing beyond the hype of promises to discuss real applications and benefits. It explores the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and regulation, the latest research in the field, and emerging issues that will shape current and future applications

Understanding AI benefits and future challenges

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to provide economic and societal benefits by improving prediction, optimising operations, and better resource allocation. However, the use of AI also comes with potential new risks that need to be considered. This training covers both aspects, from the technical and the human perspective. 

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At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • describe possible applications of Artificial Intelligence in different operational contexts;
  • analyse AI benefits for organisations and individuals;
  • acknowledge (the possible) safety, ethical, and legal implications of using AI systems. 

Main Topics and Structure

The main topics addressed are:

  • introduction to AI in current and future scenarios;
  • social, organisational and ethical implications of AI;
  • legal implications and issues of AI.

The course has a total duration of 2 days and can be held both in presence and in virtual mode. It is tailored to cater to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the training. 



The course can be held in English or Italian and modules can be scheduled consecutively, or as stand-alone modules on non-consecutive days.

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Our Trainers

All Deep Blue courses are taught by senior trainers with proven experience.

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