Course on Human Factors
for Safety

Optimising safety and performance through Human Factors.

Course on Human Factors <br> for Safety

We consider Human Factors as an integral part of safety management, necessary to understand, identify and mitigate risks as well as to optimise the human contribution to organisational safety. The Human Factors for Safety course developed by Deep Blue aims to assist companies that seek to strengthen their safety culture, and efficiently integrate Human and Organisational Factors (HOF) into Safety and Management System (SMS).

Empower your safety strategy

This course achieves a deeper understanding of Human Factors and its impact on your organisation’s safety performance. It provides practical guidance to adopt HF tools and techniques in day-to-day safety management activities, identifying and mitigating human errors.  

After completing the course, participants will be able to apply HF methods and tools to carry out safety activities like risk assessment and incident investigations.

The course is also indicated as a Train-The-Trainers for internal capacity building.



The course ensures that all the participants will have an understanding of key Human Factors concepts and their impact on safety.

Participants will be able to:

  • define the strategy to integrate HF into their safety management system;
  • identify and measure the expected benefits, and existing gaps and barriers to the implementation;
  • develop an action plan of HF activities;
  • master the use of selected HF methods and tools .

Main Topics and Structure

Main topics addressed:

  • Human Factors, human performance and safety;
  • human abilities and limitations;
  • human error analysis and its preconditions;
  • organisational error analysis. 
  • HF applications in incident investigation and risk assessment.



The course duration can be customised. As a reference the typical duration is three days. It can be held in English or Italian and modules can be scheduled consecutively, or as stand-alone modules on non-consecutive days.

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Our Trainers

All Deep Blue courses are taught by senior trainers with proven experience.

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