Course on Human Factors

Key Human Factors concepts for a wide audience.

Course on Human Factors <br> Introduction

The Human Factors – Introduction course designed by Deep Blue covers the fundamentals of Human Factors (HF) and is designed for a wide audience. It presents key HF concepts and an overview of human abilities and limitations.

Understanding the interactions between humans and the system

Human Factors is a scientific discipline that analyses and improves the interactions between humans and the elements of the system in which they operate, in order to increase human well-being and the performance of the system itself. Human Factors is a systemic approach, looking at: 

  • ‘internal’ elements such as individual abilities and limitations, workload, fatigue and stress;
  • ‘external’ elements concerning the work context, the workplace and  the human-machine interface;
  • the organisation of work, i.e. procedures, rules and company policies; 
  • the ‘outer environment’, e.g. the regulatory frameworks or national and supranational regulations.
Course on Human Factors Introduction


The course ensures that all the participants will have an understanding of key  Human Factors concepts. Participants will be able to recognise and emphasise the strengths of the human being – such as flexibility, adaptability and learning skills – thereby enlarging the scope of HF analysis beyond human errors and incident investigation. Additionally, participants will have an understanding of the central contribution of Human Factors to safety activities.

Main Topics and Structure

Main topics addressed:

  • Human Factors, Human Performance and Safety;
  • human abilities and limitations;
  • communication; 
  • stress and fatigue management.



The course duration can be customised. As a reference, the typical duration is two days.The course includes exercises and scenarios specifically adapted to the audience, engaging participants in group activities, role-play, games and exercises. It can be held in English or Italian and modules can be scheduled consecutively, or as stand-alone modules on non-consecutive days.

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