Research, training, and consulting for the ATM sector

With over two decades of experience working in the field of Air Traffic Management (ATM), our activity is constantly focused on innovative research, training and consulting. During this time we have built strong and successful partnerships with key European aviation stakeholders including CIRA, DLR, EASA, ENAV, EUROCONTROL, Leonardo, NLR, and Thales.


torre di controllo del traffico aereo.
Operatori atm lavorano in una torre di controllo digitale.

Leading Europe in ATM research and innovation

We are building the future of the European aviation industry, helping it maintain its global competitive edge. We are the first organization in Europe for the number of projects awarded and implemented within SESAR’s Exploratory Research programme to investigate new ideas, concepts and technologies for the future of air traffic management and aviation. We coordinate research partnerships with the best Italian and European universities. We are leaders in Europe in the application of neurometric measurements (see the Nina, Stress, Moto e Mahalo projects) and in the definition of standards and regulations for drone operations (see AW-Drones project).


A reputation for excellence in the ATM sector

We work with outstanding Italian companies in the ATM and airport sectors providing support to our clients’ operational needs. We partner with ENAV and have contributed to design the operational centre and control station layout for the first remote digital tower in Brindisi. We work with Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) and SEA-Aeroporti Milano researching multimodal traffic management and consulting on work stress, safety and Crisis Management.


Svolgimento di analisi neurometriche a supporto degli operatori del settore atm.

Our contribution to harmonizing European standards

Over the years Deep Blue has contributed to the creation of the Single EU Sky for European airspace efficiency by reducing fragmentation. We support EUROCONTROL in promoting and applying standards, implementing the harmonization of safety management and Human Factors. We are a research partner of SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking, a public-private enterprise established to accelerate the implementation of the Digital European Sky through the development and application of innovative technological solutions for the management of conventional aircraft, drones, aerotaxis and sub-orbital flights.

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