Research and innovation for the Aviation industry

We support the aviation industry and partner with major manufacturers such as Airbus, Embraer, Leonardo and Thales in innovative research and development projects.

Un aereo dell'aviazione civile decolla nel cielo blu.
Lavoriamo a soluzioni innovative per l'industria dell'aviazione, con la stessa passione e curiosità di un bambino.

Leading aviation research and innovation in Europe

We explore the frontiers of research to identify the best innovative solutions for the future of the aviation industry. We are the first Italian SME in Europe for number of EU-funded projects carried out within the Horizon 2020 programme (data for the years 2014-2021, source: European Commission) and we play a pivotal role between industry, society, policymakers and users (see Optics2 project).


Safe and user-centred technologies

We work on the social impact of new technologies. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach we are able to manage complexity, deepen our knowledge and connect different issues such as technological aspects, social impact and user acceptability, changes in the labour market and labour processes, and the new skills required. 


Skills available to the aviation industry

We operate at the intersection of two worlds: the sphere of research, in which we have developed close connections with universities and research centres of excellence, and the sphere of consulting, in which we have built our pragmatic spirit thanks to the daily interactions with our clients. This experience is the reason why we are able to provide our clients and partners in the aviation industry with cutting-edge visions and ideas.


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