Research and consulting for the Environment and Energy sectors

Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, sustainable and circular solutions.


Alberi e pannelli solari in città per un futuro sostenibile.
Dati e analisi su energia e ambiente sono mostrati su uno schermo su cui si riflettono turbine eoliche.

Climate change mitigation models

We develop services for modelling, forecasting, and mitigating climate change-related risks, tailored to users and their needs. Over the past 15 years, we have researched innovative solutions for critical infrastructure, especially in the transportation sector. We support companies and infrastructure services in improving their resilience to extreme weather events and future scenarios. For this, we partner with Amigo Climate and establish risk assessment methodologies based on advanced analysis of environmental and climate data.  

Research and innovation for the ecological transition

We take part in EU research projects on climate change and environmental issues to help citizens and local communities get involved in the process of ecological transition. In Renaissance we design and implement new business models and technologies for the shared production and distribution of renewable energy within local communities. In ClimOp, a project coordinated by DeepBlue, we work to reduce aviation emissions with innovative solutions and new operational measures (flight paths, airport operations, air traffic control and management). In ClimateBuild we develop strategies and solutions for adapting and enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure to climate change.


Lavoriamo a progetti di ricerca per la promozione di energia rinnovabile.
Consulenti supportano in nuove strategie di business nell'ambito dell'energia e ambiente.

Planning communication to minimize the impact of emergencies

We help our clients deal with emergencies, assisting them in defining crisis communication strategies. Our experts work with companies and operators of critical infrastructure to analyse risks and define possible crisis scenarios; we draft crisis communication plans comprising stakeholder maps, we assist in the choice of key messages and appropriate communication channels; we help define roles and procedures to be implemented during emergency phases; we create ready-to-use internal manuals, press kits and templates for crisis events. We offer specific and customized training for key figures and departments within organizations.


Citizen engagement and promotion of sustainable lifestyles

By partnering in major national and EU projects, in which we are often in charge of communication and dissemination activities, we design stakeholder engagement strategies and consultancy services tailored to different actors tackling climate change (citizens, organizations, productive sectors, the world of research), promoting actions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving our lifestyles, making them more sustainable and healthy.


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