Research and consulting for the Healthcare sector

User-Centred Design for Artificial Intelligence at the service of physicians and patients.



sviluppo di app per smartphone per i servizi del settore healthcare.
app per smartphone per il settore healthcare a supporto di medici e ospedali.

User-friendly apps for Telemedicine

We are applying our User-Centred approach also to the healthcare sector to facilitate the incorporation of new technologies and ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and maximum end-user satisfaction. We work with clinics and hospitals alongside physicians, nurses and patients throughout the stages of design and development of new systems, such as apps for telemedicine and remote care. We offer the Healthcare sector over 20 years of experience in complex organizations in which regular consulting with users is crucial to be at the forefront of innovation.


HMI to improve user experience

We design user-machine interfaces (HMIs) to effectively ensure the highest levels of usability and end-user satisfaction. We work on the development of systems that can support medical personnel in collecting clinical data and patients during and after illness, through clear and user-friendly interaction, also considering emotional aspects. We identify the most relevant factors for users and the expected benefits (User Research), improve accessibility, build the product blueprint (wireframing) and validate it (user testing). With the FAITH project, we are designing the interface of smartphone application for collecting information on the habits of former cancer patients (physical activity, medication intake, diet, etc.) to provide physicians with objective data on their mental health status and flag potential risk situations.

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