Research and Training in Civil Security for Society

We contribute to EU security and stability by participating in major European Research and Innovation projects.



Fare ricerca nel campo delle secure societies significa lavorare per la sicurezza delle persone.
secure societies significa anche studiare sistemi di soccorso coordinati come soccorso con elicottero e ambulanza.

Risk Management and increased resilience

We participate in major research projects in the Civil Security for Society cluster of Horizon Europe (and before this of Horizon 2020) aiming at creating more secure and resilient societies. In ENGAGE we collaborate with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), local communities and citizens on issues of risk awareness and training for emergencies, a key element in risk management and resilience strategies. In STRATEGY we contribute to the improvement of the interoperability of systems, tools and operational procedures for crisis management through the development of a pan-European pre-standardization framework.


Strengthening the level of cybersecurity

We support the implementation of key EU cybersecurity policies such as the EU Cybersecurity Strategy.  With HERMENEUT, we have developed a cyber risk assessment model and methodology that can estimate the likelihood and costs of a possible attack related to a given organization, including the consequences on intangible assets such as reputation. We support our clients with training and consulting services on Human and Organizational Factors for Cybersecurity. 



un giovane uomo lavora con computer per la sicurezza dei server, nel campo della secure societies.

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