Our course on artificial intelligence in future ATM @IANS EUROCONTROL

Our course on artificial intelligence in future ATM @IANS EUROCONTROL

We are closing our first online course on artificial intelligence in future ATM. It was hosted online by EUROCONTROL‘s Institute Of Air Navigation Services (IANS) and lasted 3 days.

A wonderful and insightful exchange of knowledge. AI is clearly one of the key topics for our brave new world ahead!

We received this feedback from one participant. Sold-out in few weeks, our course gathered 14 ATM professionals with different backgrounds and organisations: ATCOs, innovation managers, lawyers, regulators. All of them were interested in understanding more about how AI is going to enter and affect the ATM domain. 

Through the course, we provided audience with an understanding of the foundational concepts of artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on the current and future applications of AI in the ATM domain. More, guaranteed them a knowledge of the benefits for individuals, organisations, and the overall ATM system of using AI systems, as well as the possible safety, ethical, and legal implications. We also gave them an increased awareness about the AI roadmap developed by EASA – European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the regulatory aspects of using AI systems at European level.

Further editions will come in 2022 and registrations are already open. Moreover, should you be interested in a customized interactive learning course on the topic do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you and discuss your needs. Follow us for more updates!


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