Strengthening prevention of child sexual abuses across Europe

Strengthening prevention of child sexual abuses across Europe

The 2PS Project (Prevent and Protect through Support) aims at enhancing culture of prevention to protect children from harmful behaviours, offering a paradigm shift to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE) across Europe.



Prevent and Protect through Support (2PS) is a three-year European-funded project kicked off in October 2022, with the objective to enhance prevention to prevent harm to children before it occurs. 

The ultimate goal of 2PS is to protect children, and the project believes that it can be achieved also by fostering a culture of prevention. This approach yields a dual benefit: safeguarding children and providing support to people who fear they might offend against children, offering them alternative pathways. This valuable approach simultaneously enhances two crucial aspects: ensuring the well-being of society and providing necessary support to those seeking help.

This project will achieve a better understanding of what leads to harmful behaviours, informing and educating people who fear they might offend against children about the support services and rehabilitation options they have, as well as sharing the best practices for guidance, therapy and treatment methods with important stakeholders.

Therefore, together with leading global actors, 2PS is committed to laying the foundations for a new coherent modus operandi that complement the reactive approaches currently favoured, and fosters a culture of prevention in society. 


How 2PS will take proactive actions to prevent CSAE and protect children 

The project has multiple objectives that aim to make a significant impact in the field of child sexual abuse prevention throughout the European Union. Firstly, it seeks to develop policy recommendations that are sensitive to different cultures and can be effectively applied across the EU. These recommendations will serve as guidelines for preventing child sexual abuse.

Another crucial aspect of the project is increasing awareness among people who fear they might offend against children. By informing them about the available support services, the project aims to prevent further offences and encourage them to seek help. It recognizes the importance of supporting these individuals on their journey towards behavioural change to prevent harm to children.

The project also places great emphasis on enhancing the understanding of people who fear they might offend children. By fostering empathy and promoting a deeper comprehension of their circumstances, the project aims to guide them towards seeking help and making positive changes in their behaviour.

To further strengthen prevention efforts, the project aims to develop training materials for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and frontline staff. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools, they can actively contribute to preventing child sexual abuse. Collaboration among various stakeholders, including NGOs, government agencies, and experts, will be fostered to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevention.

Additionally, the project will conduct awareness campaigns to reach a wider audience and raise public consciousness about the issue of child sexual abuse. By disseminating information and promoting a culture of prevention, the project aims to engage the community and encourage active participation in protecting children, also developing training materials for LEAs and frontline staff.

Ultimately, the project aims to share policy recommendations that can enable the implementation of prevention methods across the European Union, taking into account the challenges posed by sociocultural divisions and differing approaches. By providing practical and adaptable solutions, the project aims to create a unified and effective framework for child sexual abuse prevention throughout the EU.


Key results: how 2PS will bring value to the domain 

2PS is working hard to bring value to the protection of children from harm domain. In particular, 2PS will achieve the following results: 

  1. Increased knowledge of the target groups’ specific support needs and new tools in the online intervention landscape.
  2. Literature review on the mental health needs and barriers to treatment of people with a sexual interest in children and meta-analysis on the differences between offending and non-offending people with a sexual interest in children which will inform therapeutic work, research and policy-making.
  3. Support the prevention of child sexual abuse before it occurs via an online hub
  4. Deliver greater consistency and efficacy among professionals in the EU member states in working with people who fear they might offend against children, through the evaluation and reviews of existing good practices and the development of new training programs.
  5. Raised public awareness and reduction of social stigma through initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness and reduce the social stigma of the target groups, encouraging individuals to seek and receive help to prevent CSAE.


2PS Consortium: 20 partners from 14 countries together 

Led by Polish Platform for Homeland Security, 2PS Consortium consists of specialists from multiple fields. The team includes National Helplines, Universities, Outpatient Clinics, Psychologists and Sexologists, Law Enforcement, Technology partners, NGOs and Legal experts. The team strives toward a paradigm shift in the approach to countering CSAE. Partners have extensive experience and believe that to effectively address the challenges societies face, prevention actions should increase to guide people who fear they might offend against children to receive help. 

Furthermore, 2PS benefits from the support and guidance provided by an Advisory Board, composed of many of the most experienced international professionals. 

The Advisory Board provides valuable input, feedback, suggestions and advice to the consortium about ongoing research activities. It helps partners to stay updated about other relevant international initiatives and findings in the domain. 2PS is networking with many initiatives to strengthen prevention and maximise the effectiveness of results.

Our role in raising awareness and reducing social stigma

Deep Blue has the lead of the project’s official communication and dissemination. At the moment, our team is working in collaboration with the Charité University of Berlin on two big communication campaigns aimed at the general public and people who fear they might offend against children to raise awareness about the importance of therapeutic support in reducing child sexual abuses. 

Stay tuned and follow 2PS on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, visit the official website and subscribe to the newsletter to know more about research activities! 





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