We believe research means challenging ourselves in different ways. We are always willing to push the boundaries and learn something new.

Our expertise

Human Factors & Human-AI Teaming
We improve technological implementation and organizational processes through the enhancement of Human Factors.
Safety & Security
We operate in complex domains to guarantee the highest safety and security standards.
Sustainability & Resilience
We design climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and sustainable and circular solutions.
Dissemination & Exploitation
Communication and dissemination plans and activities for European research projects.
Liability & Ethics
We address the legal and ethical issues of AI to be resolved.
Future Skills & Training
We analyze trends and define future scenarios to train the new necessary skills.
User Research & Stakeholders Engagement
We favour an effective, safe and user-centred transition towards automation and AI.
Social Science & Humanities
We generate new knowledge by applying social science and humanities methodologies.
User Experience & HMI Design
User-Centred Design and excellent interfaces to ensure efficiency and safety in safety-critical domains.

EU research programmes

We lead and participate in major European innovation and research projects. Our experts in Human Factors and Safety sit at the work tables of various European and Italian agencies.

Our research numbers

1 st
SME in Italy for research projects in H2020 (2014-2021)
1 st
SME in Europe for aviation safety projects (2014-2021)
4 th
SME in Europe for research projects in H2020 (2014-2021)
85 +
Number of research projects since FP7 (2007)
EU research projects as coordinators since FP7 (2007)
200 +
Scientific publications

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