Resources for mental wellbeing: our Dashboard for the FAITH project

Resources for mental wellbeing: our Dashboard for the FAITH project

In Deep Blue, the attention to the person and their safety comes in different shapes. For example, the FAITH project sees us as a partner in creating a federated artificial intelligence solution to spot symptoms of depression in post-oncological patients. Within FAITH, the focus is on user-centered technologies for mental wellbeing.


In recent times, the research about the inherent dependency between mental and physical health has gained more attention. In addition, technology has opened new frontiers in mental health support and data collection as well. Impacting how we feel, think, and behave, and being integral to living a healthy and balanced life, mental care is nonetheless becoming a growing challenge around the world.

In order to contribute to the creation of new human-centered solutions for the mental health of cancer survivors, Deep Blue investigated the current technological vanguard, and created a dedicated tool to ease its exploration: the FAITH Database Dashboard. We designed the Dashboard specifically to this scope. It is a unique, interactive tool displaying outstanding knowledge and technological solutions about mental health and cancer survivorship. Initially, we launched it as the internal research tool of the project; however, the feedback we received spurred us to make it accessible to anyone interested in gathering knowledge about these topics.


Navigating resources on mental health and cancer

Designed as an interactive segmented circle, the Dashboard collects, classifies and provides a direct access to sources on different hot topics. These include depression, AI, bio monitoring, big data, NLP, and privacy. The most innovative aspect of the dashboard, however, is that each source may combine different topics. Therefore, this makes it possible to shed light on new connections and ways of searching.

The FAITH Database Dashboard will be a supporting pillar for the development of the FAITH project, and as a living tool, we will constantly update it. You can also contribute to expanding it thanks to the function “Suggest new resources”.

In Deep Blue, we firmly believe that research should be a living dialogue between existing solutions and future possibilities. Our FAITH Dashboard offers a great opportunity to bridge knowledge on the topics of technology and mental health. We are proud to be part of this research frontier, and we will continue to contribute to its development.

Read more about our Dashboard and its design process on the FAITH website, or try it yourself.

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