Consulting for Human and Organisational Factors

We value human performance to improve safety and productivity in complex, high-tech organisations.

We have a clear vision: even as automation increases, human labour remains the key factor in the business performance of any organisation.

That’s why we focus on the interactions between the individual and the surrounding context of people and technology tools. We improve the integration between employees, operational staff, working tools and the workplace, and support our clients in the implementation of new technologies by:

  • redefining roles and procedures
  • assigning differentiated tasks and activities
  • designing new workflows
  • providing training activities to acquire new skills

What we offer

Consulting services customized to your domain and organization for:

  • Identifying human performance trends, needs and problems.
  • Assessing the organizations’ strengths and weaknesses to identify the level of Human Factors maturity and suggest solutions to increase human performance and safety.

  • Objectively assessing workload, stress, attention, alertness, and worker engagement, also based on neurometric measures
  • Developing roadmaps for optimizing human performance
  • Training of core and apical staff
  • Monitoring of indicators and results

Talk to our experts now and find out how we can integrate Human Factors into your company.

Why choose Deep Blue

First Italian SME
for EU research projects in H2020
20+ years of experience
with the most important institutions and companies of our domains in Europe
certified by the main European regulatory agencies
multidisciplinary, international and highly specialized

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