Consulting for
Innovation Strategy & Implementation

We support organizations in the definition and implementation of innovative procedures.

We have transferred our twenty-year experience in innovative research and consulting for the Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry to numerous other application domains. We support our clients in defining the operational concept for upgrading or replacing a system, exploring possible solutions and scenarios, and defining use cases, operational requirements, and expected benefits. An example is the work done in partnership with ENAV to design the operations room and control station layout for the Brindisi remote tower.

We support manufacturing companies in all phases of novel instrument design, from selecting the requirements to the design and evaluation steps; we support service providers during the phases of procurement, customization and installation of new systems. We are specialists in conducting validation activities throughout the project cycle (planning, execution, analysis, results) and apply innovative methodologies tailored to different levels of technological maturity, integrating qualitative and quantitative evidence in an iterative process. We combine our operational experience with the ability to analyse and display large amounts of data and performance indicators with user-friendly dashboards, providing our clients and partners with insights and reports for decision-making.

We facilitate the efficient integration of AI-based solutions and the transition to increased levels of automation, also addressing the legal and ethical aspects, such as the allocation of liability in case of incidents and the requirement of an explainable, ethical and responsible artificial intelligence.

La consulente definisce una strategia e dei piani di implementazione per l’innovazione aziendale

What we offer

Consulting services tailored to your domain and organization:

  • Identification of future trends, needs and innovation scenarios
  • Strategy definition and implementation plans for business innovation
  • Design and support for the implementation of new tools and systems with user-cantered methodologies

  • Operational validation in complex environments and organizations
  • Training of core and senior staff

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20+ years of experience
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