Consulting for Safety and Security Management

We guide our clients towards the highest standards of reliability, safety and resilience.

Un ingegnere coordina le procedure di sicurezza durante un corso di safety and security management

We support critical organizations in achieving the highest standards of safety, security, reliability and resilience. We operate in complex domains in which Safety & Security Management cannot be reduced to individual responsibility or protection from single errors and failures. Indeed, security requires deep and multifaceted knowledge combining Human and Organizational Factors, engineering, operational skills, risk assessment and mitigation, cognitive, behavioural, social, legal and communication knowledge.
Deep Blue provides a multidisciplinary team of experts and customized services to organizations operating in safety-critical domains. Relying on us is more than just preventing potential short-term risks. We help you develop a true safety culture so you can become more reliable, resilient, and ready to meet future challenges.

Un operatore monitora la sicurezza dal computer nella cabina di controllo.

What we do

Safety Management:

  • Identification of possible risks and hazards associated with your company‚Äôs operations
  • Development of a risk prevention and mitigation plan
  • Safety level analysis and monitoring, performance measurement
  • Safety reports addressed to relevant authorities

Security and Cyber Security Management:

  • Analysis of activities and efforts to detect human and organizational vulnerabilities
  • Best Practices for risk mitigation in complex organizations
  • Human and Organizational Factors in Cyber Security
  • Multicultural approaches in emergency prevention and management
  • Impact assessment and adaptation and mitigation strategies for climate emergencies

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Why choose Deep Blue

First Italian SME
for EU research projects in H2020
20+ years of experience
with the most important institutions and companies of our domains in Europe
certified by the main European regulatory agencies
multidisciplinary, international and highly specialized

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