Human-machine interaction in Industry 4.0

When you have trouble with things — whether it’s figuring out whether to push or pull a door or the arbitrary vagaries of the modern computer and electronics industries — it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself: blame the designer” (The Psychology of Everyday Things, Donald A. Norman).

We are glad to invite you to the Technical Workshop “PROGETTARE l’interazione UOMO-MACCHINA per l’industria 4.0“. The workshop will take place on the 21st of November at Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Don Norman, engineer, psychologist, and main expert of user-centred design, will be a guest of the workshop-debate focusing on the design of human-machine interaction for the new industry 4.0.

Surely, new technologies and new business models are revolutionizing the future of many industries. We are in the fourth industrial revolution, that is leading us towards the so-called Industry 4.0. How will work in the new Industry 4.0 change? What new jobs and new skills will the industry of the future need? Above all, how can we optimise human performance in a context of technological innovation to increase productivity, well-being, efficiency and safety?

Our R&D Director, Linda Napoletano, will intervene at the workshop. She will talk about state-of-the-art approaches for designing a new partnership between humans and machines. Linda will draw from our extensive involvement in research projects. In fact, Deep Blue is the first SME in Italy for EU-funded research activities focusing on the new human role in Industry 4.0.

The workshop will be in English. Participation is free, but registration is needed. For more information, visit the workshop page.

Vera Ferraiuolo

Senior Dissemination Consultant