Liability and Automation course – Save the date

After the success of the pilot edition carried out in May 2018, Eurocontrol confirmed that the course on “Liability and Automation” is in calendar also in 2019. Two slots are already scheduled (22-24 May, and 29-31 October) and registration is open. Save the date and register if you want to learn more about the fascinating, brand new topic of Liability and Automation.

Liability distribution is becoming more and more problematic as the level of automation increases in complex socio-technical systems, like ATM. Moving from this consideration, IANS (the official training branch of Eurocontrol) in collaboration with Deep Blue organises a three-day course to provide participants with fundamental concepts and ready-to-use tools to support the identification, analysis and resolution of liability attribution issues in organizations. It includes the analysis of case studies related to integration of drones, new ATM technologies and cybersecurity attacks, including incidents and accidents.

Don’t miss this chance, register now!

Vera Ferraiuolo

Senior Dissemination Consultant