World ATM: aviation research infrastructures needs

Our Human Factors and Safety specialist Paola Lanzi will attend the World ATM Congress to present the H2020 funded RINGO Project.
RINGO is a CSA by the European Commission. It is delivering a cohesive and coordinated approach for the identification and assessment of the needs, gaps and overlaps for strategic aviation research infrastructures in Europe towards Flightpath 2050 goals. In addition, RINGO also adopts an economic perspective. In fact, it is analysing potential business models and funding schemes to maintain and improve existing and new research infrastructures.

Paola will provide an overall presentation of the project. Join her on the 14th of March at the Nokia ATM Theatre, starting at 10:00, for a presentation of the RINGO project’s current findings.

Visit the RINGO website for a complete agenda of the session.

Vera Ferraiuolo

Senior Dissemination Consultant