NINA project on neurometrics in ATM makes it to the press

Following the closing of the project, the leading news agency in Italy ANSA released a news regarding NINA. Below is the summary of the article content, for non italian speakers.

Firstly, ANSA describes NINA’s research, aimed at avoiding Air Traffic Controllers’ peak workload by monitoring the internal mental state of the ATCOs.
Initially, the project found a way to monitor workload through a combination of neurophysiologic measures, which are the basis for a bidirectional communication between the machine and the human. As a consequence, this makes possible a flexible adaptation of the degree of automation, triggered not only by the traffic situation but also by the controller’s internal status.

Currently, NINA has produced a helmet-shaped sensors; however, it could evolve into a smaller device in the future.
Not only remote control tower activities could benefit from this neurophysiologic equipment, says Simone Pozzi, NINA project coordinator and Deep Blue CEO. In addition, future usage of this technology may include testing the level of proficiency achieved by controllers. Applications may go even further: for instance, facilitating training activities and simulation of emergency situation.

The full article (available only in Italian) can be found in the Science & Technology section of the ANSA website. In addition, the news received coverage by different newspapers and websites as well.

Read the news about NINA:

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