Neurometrics toolkit at the World ATM Congress 2019

Neurometrics toolkit at the World ATM Congress 2019

Once again, Deep Blue took part into the World ATM Congress.

This year, Leonardo has hosted us at their booth, dedicated to innovative technologies for a secure and efficient ATM. Together with BrainSigns, we have demonstrated how to easily and objectively measure in real time levels of mental workload, engagement and stress.

Our latest measurement solution is a game-changing technology, able to enhance training, design and automation in complex systems. It allows assessing the mental states of operators (e.g. air traffic controllers, pilots, drivers) while they are doing their job without interfering with the working activity. In addition, as compared to other measurement means, our approach is objective, accurate and customizable. Its possible applications include the ATM, cockpit, automotive and maritime sectors, operators’ training and industry 4.0.


Ever wondered how you perform under pressure? We gave the opportunity to prove yourself with our ATC game. Safely land as many aircraft as possible without accidents, while we evaluate your levels of stress and workload with a new generation neurometric-headset.


and were part of the Leonardo Agorà “Let’s talk together about the future. Are you ready to be inspired?”.
The increase of flight traffic is leading the ATM R&D towards automatic tools. However, the ATM system also needs to ensure to keep the ATCOs in the loop of the decision making process. How can we do this effectively? Download the presentation to find out.
Digital remote towers are becoming reality, but the human operator is still at the core of the safety-critical functions. How can technologies implemented in a digital tower keep the human-in-the-loop? Download the presentation to find out.

Have a look to a short video summarising our three days in Madrid.

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Know more on how our neurometrics toolbox can enhance your products and services






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