Validation of the adaptive automation solutions that NINA designed to ease Air Traffic Controller’s workload and improve safety in Air Traffic Management.

NINA project, validation of adaptive automation solutions

Currently, Deep Blue is in Toulouse (France) at ENAC facilities for the second validation activity of the NINA project. NINA aims to use brain waves and neurophysiological measures to assess Air Traffic Controllers’ mental workload and prevent peaks.

The project team is now performing the validation activity, which involves more than 20 students. The objective of the simulation is twofold:
– Firstly, to confirm previous results on the ability of the Mental State Classifier algorithm. The algorithm discriminates the different levels of cognitive control (SRK).
– Secondly, to assess the feasibility to trigger in real time adaptive automation solutions to ease ATCOs’ workload. The current workload perceived by the Air Traffic Controller can trigger the solutions.

The validation activity will going on until the 2nd of October.

Vera Ferraiuolo

Senior Dissemination Consultant