ANACNA and Deep Blue sign cooperation agreement

ANACNA (Associazione Nazionale degli Assistenti e Controllori della Navigazione Aerea) and Deep Blue met yesterday in Rome to sign a formal cooperation agreement confirming years of fruitful and friendly collaboration. The agreement paves the way forward for further joint initiatives related to the scientific research, safety and human factor in Air Traffic Management. Many thanks to ANACNA for trusting us and for their kind and professional cooperation: looking forward to future activities together!

From feft to right: Simone Pozzi, CEO of Deep Blue; Giusy Sciacca, National Secretary of ANACNA; Michela Terenzi R&D Manager at Deep Blue; and Oliviero Barsanti President of ANACNA.
Left to right: Simone Pozzi (Deep Blue, CEO), Giusy Sciacca (ANACNA, National Secretary), Michela Terenzi (Deep Blue, R&D Manager), and Oliviero Barsanti (ANACNA, President).


Vera Ferraiuolo

Senior Dissemination Consultant