Deep Blue contributes to SESAR JU solutions

On behalf of EUROCONTROL HP Team, we are managing and conducting the Human Performance Assessment for the SESAR Solutions PJ.07-03 “Mission Trajectory Driven Processes” and PJ.18-01 “Mission Trajectories”.

Deep Blue has been carrying out Human Factors and Safety activities for EUROCONTROL since 2001. Therefore, Human Factors in ATM is at the very core of Deep Blue business since its foundation, leading to progressively accumulating an expertise in integrating Human Factors in Safety and Validation activities. In this sense, Human Factors is practiced as a “total approach” to the entire consultancy and research work we carry out.

We have also a significant experience in participating to initiatives of the SESAR Programme, both at methodological and applied level. The work we are conducting with the two SESAR Solutions will facilitate the integration of civil and military aviation, leading to a more flexible management of airspace. Read more on how SESAR takes steps towards improved civil-military coordination.

Vera Ferraiuolo

Senior Dissemination Consultant