First validation of the neurophysiological measures the NINA project uses to assess air traffic controllers’ mental state, performed in a real Air Traffic Management environment

NINA project, validation of neurophysiological measures

Deep Blue joined Sapienza Università di Roma and ENAC to carry out the first of three validation session activities planned for the NINA project. NINA is esploring how to use neurophysiological measures to assess air traffic controllers’ mental state.

The project conducted a previous experimental session to record and evaluate neurophysiological signals in a laboratory setting. This first validation activity, instead, aimed to corroborate the initial findings of the previous one.
NINA tested the mental workload metrics that the project had developed in real Air Traffic Management environments. It also verified the existence of identifiable neurophysiological conditions associated to the levels of cognitive control (e.g. Skills-Rules-Knowledge).

The Consortium performed the validation activity in Toulouse at ENAC, in its laboratory setting, involving six Air Traffic Controllers. The NINA project collected neurophysiological signals, such as EEG, ECG and EOG, during their interaction with the ENAC controller working position prototyping platform.

Vera Ferraiuolo

Senior Dissemination Consultant