The Covid-19 pandemic: what impact on aviation?

On the 20th of April, the Resilience Engeenering Association (REA) will host a free webinar on resilience and COVID-19. Our Human Factors expert Martina Ragosta will contribute, outlining the impact the pandemic is having on the aviation domain.

The webinar is part of a series on resilience engineering topics. Currently, REA is adjusting its webinar scheduling due to the widespread effects of Covid-19. A number of resilience practitioners are responding on the front-lines of the pandemic. Therefore, to promote widespread sharing to case studies, emergent best practices and adaptive strategies, REA is working to arrange a bi-weekly webinars to share, in real time, methods of coping.

To sum up, the webinar will be about what knowledge, strategies and practices we have at hand to respond in a flexible manner to COVID-19. The conversation will explore lessons and practices from diverse countries on concrete measures grounded on resilience engineering and societal resilience. You can register to the webinar here; a recording will be available on the REA website.

Vera Ferraiuolo

Senior Dissemination Consultant