Our EUROCONTROL IANS courses in 2019

Our EUROCONTROL IANS courses in 2019

Recently, EUROCONTROL shared an infographic of its ATM training offer in 2019. The figures are very interesting. For example, they show that their training offer incremented in 2019 compared with previous years. In fact, IANS added 12 new courses during last year, bringing the total of courses available to EUROCONTROL member states to 146.
The courses cover 6 training areas: Network Efficiency; Safety; Communication, Navigation, Surveillance; ATM Security; Human Performance; and European ATM Legislation.
Globally, IANS delivered 1558 days of classroom training to 6142 course participants.

Our training offer for ATM actors

With these interesting figures, IANS confirms its unique, leading role in training the EUROCONTROL member states organisations. And as Deep Blue, we are proud to be part of this success! In 2019, we contributed to the IANS training offer with 5 courses, delivered during 18 different sessions. Overall, we trained 258 amazing students!
More is to come in 2020: we will introduce two additions to the training catalogue. Firstly, the “UAS Safety Assessment Methodologies for ATM Actors” course. Secondly, a brand-new “Human role in future ATM” module. Initially offered within a pre-existing course, this will later be a stand-alone course in the 2nd semester of 2020. Browse the complete list of our training courses to learn more about our offer.

Training courses that fit your needs

Our commitment to both innovative research and consulting activities grants us a privileged role as trainers. For instance, this allows us to:
Transfer the latest innovations regarding theories, methods, technologies and solutions from research to training.
– Adapt them to the operation level. Our perspective is not purely academic: we tailor our knowledge to the actual work of the various service providers.
Cross-fertilise within different domains. We work in different sectors, such as automotive, healthcare, railways. This enriches and feeds our training offer, allowing students to learn from different perspectives, and taking the best practices from other safety critical contexts.

We are proud of our contribution to the IANS training catalogue. But above all, we are glad to have introduced many students to key concepts such as the human role in complex systems, Safety 2 and Just Culture.

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