Our sister company EuroUSC Italia signs agreement with Percepto

Our sister company EuroUSC Italia signs agreement with Percepto
EuroUSC Italia and Percepto have signed an agreement for mutual support for safer beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights worldwide.

EuroUSC Italia, our sister consultancy company specialised in drone operations regulations and safety, will actively support Percepto by provding its long experience to ease the authorization of BVLOS operations in different locations. Percepto will have the possibility to market additional services as part of their business offer, that will be provided by EuroUSC Italia on its behalf.

The services that EuroUSC Italia will provide as part of the agreement range from the assessment of regulatory frameworks wordwide, to the revision of documentation, the development of risk assessments based on SORA methodology and the support for obtaining operational authorizations. “I am convinced that drones will progressively become more relevant for industrial monitoring applications. Low level operations beyond pilot sight are the next frontier. This agreement with Percepto will allow us to keep contributing to establish them in a safe and regulatory compliant manner” added Marco Ducci, CEO of EuroUSC Italia.

Read the press release issued by EuroUSC ITalia on their website.

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