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We are happy to share that we will be involved in 4 new European Research projects, whose proposals have successfully passed the evaluation phase, under the H2020-SESAR ER4 call.


This project deals with automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). Mahalo aims at creating an automated system that not only learns from the individual operator, but also provides them insights into what the machine has learnt. Overall, Mahalo will add knowledge on how AI and transparency can improve ATM performance, capacity, and safety.
We can’t wait to coordinate this project! In addition, we will lead the dissemination activities, and take part in the simulation and interface design tasks.


SAFELAND aims at supporting flight and landing of aircrafts operated by a single pilot, following partial or total incapacitation. The project will focus on the ground side. In particular, it will explore the role ATM could have in managing the transition from a single pilot operated flight to a status with reduced or absent contribution of the onboard pilot to landing.
In addition to coordinating SAFELAND, we will lead the concept evaluation task. Mainly, this means evaluating the intermediate and final results of the project, and also supporting it in refining and improving the concept.


The project aims at investigating sense and avoid mechanisms to support future unmanned aircraft operations. Within URClearED, we will lead the dissemination task.


In short, INVIRCAT deals with drones integration into airspace. Overall, the project aims at providing means for a safe and efficient integration of RPAS into the existing Air Traffic Control procedures and infrastructures within the Terminal Manoeuvring Area under Instrument Flight Rules. Our main role within INVIRCAT is dissemination leader.


Finally, our sister company EuroUSC-Italia will participate in Icarus. This research project aims to establish the “Common altitude reference“; in other words, which reference to take for detecting the “altitude” for drones in Very Low Level operations and, in particular, in the U-space.
Within Icarus, EuroUSC-Italia will also deal with the Regulation and Risk Assessment tasks.

We are looking forward to working together with our partners on these new challenges!

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