Advanced flight deck technologies to reduce pilots’ workload

Design and validate cockpit applications able to reduce crew workload in current two-pilots operations along the different phases of the flight.

PROJECT: ACROSS – Advanced Cockpit for the Reduction of Stress and Workload

FUNDING SCHEME: European Commission, 7th Framework

DURATION: 2013-2016 (CLOSED)


MORE INFORMATION: ACROSS page on CORDIS European Research Results

The ACROSS project develops applications in orde to:

  • Promote workload reduction during normal operations;
  • Provide support for reduced crew operations, either because one pilot has temporarily left the cockpit, or because s/he has become incapacitated;
  • Provide safe recover from total crew incapacitation situations.


The ACROSS consortium consists of 35 partners from 12 different European countries.

Project main objectives



We lead and coordinate the ACROSS validation activities. Validation wise, ACROSS is a quite articulated project as it requires the integration of validation results generated by different validation exercises—each exercise executed by different partners at their own validation facilities, and focused on different technologies (more than 15 cockpit applications have been evaluated). In order to address this challenge, Deep Blue defined a common E-OCVM based validation strategy; provided validation guidance to the partners conducting the exercises; and defined common templates in support of the planning and reporting of the local exercises. Also, one key measure was the definition of a common performance framework to ensure the effective integration and comparability of the validation results generated in the project in the area of human performance, safety, and cost-benefit.


Deep Blue also contributes to the transversal work packages of human factors and safety.


Finally, we lead the project Dissemination and Exploitation activities. Deep Blue takes care of project identity design, website, brochure and videos production and scientific communication coordination.



  • ACROSS identified relevant open human factors and safety issues for single pilot operations;
  • By means of ACROSS, Deep Blue consolidated its capability to effectively lead, support and coordinate validation activities in large-scale aviation and ATM projects—projects in which several evaluations are conducted by different partners of different organisations, and in which project-level integration needs to be actively planned and managed to establish the achievements of the project.







Project brochure
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