Expect the unexpected and know how to respond

The project is focussed on improving responses to expected and unexpected crises affecting critical societal structures during natural disasters and man-made disasters.



DURATION: 2015 – 2018

WEBSITE: https://h2020darwin.eu/

CONTACTS: luca.save@dblue.it


The project focussed on improving responses to expected and unexpected crises. To achieve this, DARWIN developed European resilience management guidelines aimed at critical infrastructure managers, crisis and emergency response managers, service providers, first responders and policy makers. Infrastructure operators were provided with resilience guidelines supporting the revision, integration or replacement of their own guidelines to facilitate faster, more effective and highly adaptive responses to crises. The adoption of DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines is expected to have a direct impact on the safety of European citizens in times of crisis and disaster into the future.


Deep Blue has been leading WP4, dealing with Pilot Evaluation of the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines in the context of realistic crisis scenarios.

We collaborated with the partners representing end users in the Healthcare and Air Traffic Management domains in the preparation of four Pilot exercises (3 conducted in Italy and one in Sweden). Following the pilot exercises we conducted an overall evaluation of the guidelines and provided recommendations for their improvements, also based on involvement of the very large DARWIN Community of Practice.

We also provided a decisive contribution to the development of the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines in collaboration with the project coordinator (SINTEF) and the other partners.

Finally  we were also in charge of developing the plan for the exploitation of DARWIN project results.


  1. The DARWIN guidelines can be used by all crisis and emergency responders and critical infrastructure operators before, during or after crisis response situations.
  2. The DARWIN guidelines were mainly developed having as reference the Healthcare and Air Traffic domains. However they were evaluated and improved taking into account all the critical infrastructure domains represented in the DARWIN Community of practice (DCoP).
    The DARWIN Guidelines have been developed as evolving guidelines, i.e. they can be further developed and integrated also beyond the end of the DARWIN Project, also taking advantage of a dedicated WIKI Platform.



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