Ensuring aviation safety today and tomorrow

Reducing the accident rate to achieve the highest levels of safety and ensure that passengers and freight, as well as the air transport system and its infrastructure, are safe and protected.

PROJECT: Future Sky Safety


DURATION: 2015 – 2019

WEBSITE: www.futuresky-safety.eu/ | safeorg.eu/

CONTACTS: simone.pozzi@dblue.it

Future Sky Safety addresses five European safety priorities:

    • Perform breakthrough safety research to reduce runway excursion risk in the medium term.
    • Develop and implement a Safe Performance System (SPS) to reduce the likelihood of organisational accidents in aviation.
    • Develop a prototype risk observatory to assess and monitor safety risks throughout the Total Aviation System.
    • Determine methods to recover crew’s performance through HMI principles, procedures or training.
    • Develop solutions to mitigate the risk of fire, smoke and fumes related (fatal) accidents.


  1. Future Sky Safety is a research programme with two main objectives: the coordination of institutionally funded safety research programmes and the coordination of five collaborative safety research projects.
  2. The Programme addresses four aviation safety areas: providing new solutions for today’s accidents; strengthening aviation capability to manage risk; building ultra-resilient systems and operators; building ultra-resilient vehicles.

Deep Blue contributed to turning the Safety Intelligence concept into an actionable tool to deploy into a safety management system. We helped design and develop a prototype Safety Dashboard for ANSPs, centred on their needs, that has then been customised and further refined for a specific European ANSP, which will test it on field.

We also contributed to the operalisation of the Human Performance Envelope concept. We designed and validated real time simulation exercises aimed at identifying the best way to mitigate the effects of workload, stress and reduced situational awareness on crew’s performance, by deploying in the cockpit a new concept of Human Machine Interface.

Deep Blue has been involved in project communication and results dissemination.


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