Develop an action plan for the European transport system in 2030

Mobility4EU project aims to deliver a vision for the European transport system in 2030 and an action plan including a roadmap to implement that vision.
The work towards the development of that vision and the action plan is based on the following steps:


– identification of the societal challenges that will influence future transport system
– establishment of a future vision of a transport system in 2030 that reflects the various societal drivers in a comprehensive and balanced manner
– development of a participatory approach in order to foster engagement and awareness among the stakeholder communities and the general public

PROJECT: Mobility4EU – Action Plan for the Future of Mobility in Europe

FUNDING SCHEME: Horizon 2020




Deep Blue supports the story mapping process as a useful tool to easily visualize and summarize the representation of the complexity of the issues investigated. Deep Blue is responsible for the development of:


  • a context map to visualize societal requirements and current challenges for transport
  • an opportunity map to visualize the opportunities for transport
  • the vision for transport in 2030


In addition, Deep Blue is responsible for the dissemination strategy of the project. Deep Blue takes care of project website, visual identity, communication channels, brochure, newsletters, dissemination events.


  • The action plan is built on a comprehensive vision of the transport and mobility system in 2030, jointly developed, discussed, and agreed in a structured, transparent and democratic process involving stakeholders that represent all societal drivers and all transport modes.
  • The action plan includes a roadmap describing what needs to be done when in order to achieve the vision. The roadmap will be organised along milestones for implementation of the vision. It will be structured on the one hand according to the most important modes of transportation and their intermodal links. On the other hand, it will take into account the relevant societal drivers due to current mega-trends.
  • The roadmap will cover technical solutions, systems and installations, organisational models as well as non-technical aspects in the modes and corresponding to one or more of the megatrends. At the same time, a high degree of coherence between the various action strains of the roadmap will be achieved by overall milestones on the way of implementation


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