Are we doing the right Safety and Security Research?

Making aviation safety and security research more effective in achieving Flightpath 2050 goals by identifying future needs, gaps and barriers, and by providing recommendations to steer EU Aviation Safety and Security research.

PROJECT: OPTICS2 – Observation Platform for Technological and Institutional Consolidation of research in Safety and Security


DURATION: 2017-2021



OPTICS2 assesses if European Aviation Safety and Security research is on the right track towards Flightpath 2050, the vision for aviation safety and security provided by the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE). Working in collaboration with an extended group of aviation stakeholders, OPTICS2 produces a yearly State-of-the-Art of European Aviation Safety and Security Research, identifying research gaps, bottlenecks to innovation, and providing the European Commission with recommendations to address them.

OPTICS2 is the follow-up of the OPTICS Project.


We contribute to the assessment of research, with a specific focus on the Human Factors Action Areas, for both safety and security.


Furthermore, Deep Blue is responsible for project communication and results dissemination, also coordinating all the stakeholders’ engagement activities.


  • OPTICS2 publishes the State-of-the-Art of Aviation Safety and Security Research every year.
  • OPTICS2 has developed a sustainable and effective methodology to assess research progress against the research agenda, that could be applied to other research areas.
  • OPTICS2 looks outside Europe, comparing EU and non-EU research landscapes.

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