Does Europe lack strategic research infrastructures for aviation?

Identifying strategic research infrastructures for aviation needed in Europe to fulfil the objectives set in Flightpath2050 and suitable funding schemes and business models for their usage.

PROJECT: RINGO – Research Infrastructures Needs Gaps and Overlaps


DURATION: 2017 – 2019



The project builds a catalogues of aviation research infrastructures currently available in Europe and compares it with needs identified with experts in the field to fulfil the objectives of Flightpath2050. From this comparison, the projects identifies a list of research infrastructures that need to be available or to be improved in the near future, and proposes funding schemes and business models for their efficient use at European level.


  1. RINGO adopts a twofold approach for the identification of needs and gaps for new or improved research infrastructures: the top-down approach moves from the analysis of the landscape of currently available infrastructures; the bottom-up approach collects moves from first-hand needs from experts of the field.
  2. The combination of the two approaches opens the discussion on funding schemes and business models for the usage of research infrastructures.


Deep Blue is partner of the project and is mainly involved in the Human Factors aspects of RINGO.
We contribute to the identification and analysis of gaps in the strategic research infrastructures for aviation that Europe has to bridge to match the objectives set in Flightpath2050.
Deep Blue is involved in project communication and dissemination of results.


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