Modelling resilience indicators through Enterprise Architecture

SCALES develops a framework that enables a context driven analysis of the resilience of a complex system through Enterprise Architecture.

PROJECT: SCALES – Resilience potential and early warnings for Air Traffic Management in case of system degradation through Enterprise Architecture


DURATION: Autumn 2013 – Spring 2016 (CLOSED)




SCALES offers the opportunity to model system of systems and to obtain different viewpoints (functional, communication, information and process view).
A dedicate resilience view is created and fully integrated.

SCALES aims at identifying resilience indicators as early warnings signs and as measures to quantify the potential for the resilience.

The purpose of the indicators is to provide actionable information to keep the system under control.

SCALES is oriented both to the industry and to the research community. For the former, it monitors the capacity to adapt and cope with disturbances looking for proactive indicators and early warnings considering technical, operational and organizational aspects. For the latter, it provides a systemic approach and associated tools (Semantic Wiki and web tool) to represent resilience and its indicators.

Deep Blue contributes with Human Factors and ATM domain expertise to the development of the framework, providing the link between practical everyday ATM operational problems and modelling notations.


We organise and manage all the validation activities, in which operational experts test the framework and the tool performing realistic scenarios.

Deep Blue is responsible for project communication and results dissemination.



  • Deep Blue contributes to define and develop SCALES framework based on Enterprise Architecture tailored to the ATM, integrated with a questionnaire addressing resilience abilities (monitor, anticipate, respond and learn) and properties (buffering capacity, flexibility and cross-scale interactions).
  • Deep Blue develops ad-hoc evaluation methods for assessing resilience in realistic case studies representing highly relevant technical and operational functions and typical for future ATM infrastructure.
  • Deep Blue contributes to promote and contributes to open European ATM Enterprise Architectures (EATMA) and resilience analyses showing how technical, social and regulatory aspects cannot be considered in isolation.


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