Transferring safety solutions from aviation to maritime

Safety Enhancements in transport by Achieving Human Orientated Resilient Shipping Environment

PROJECT: SEAHORSE – Safety Enhancements in transport by Achieving Human Orientated Resilient Shipping Environment

FUNDING SCHEME: European Commission, 7th Framework

DURATION: 2013-2016 (CLOSED)



SEAHORSE aims to develop shipping safety achieved through technology transfer from aviation to maritime focusing on human factors problems in an innovative, integrated and multidisciplinary manner towards safer and more resilient shipping operations.

SEAHORSE develops a Safety Transfer Methodology (STEM) for the identification of the maritime safety needs and the subsequent implementation of solutions coming from aviation.

SEAHORSE develops also a Virtual Platform that enables maritime organizations to autonomously identify their needs and tailor the related implementation plans and training materials for the improvement of their safety.



Deep Blue was responsible of the definition and validation of the Safety Transfer methodology (STEM) on the basis of real case-studies.
By building on our aviation expertise we developed a Database of Aviation Safety Solutions and a process for the identification of the solutions that can effectively be transferred and that can achieve positive impact on the safety of maritime organizations.
We also contribute to the validation of the process by actually implementing Human Factors Training in a maritime organization.

We contributeto the SEAHORSE Virtual Platform by developing the Web-based interface and validating its usability and effectiveness with maritime users.



  • The Safety Transfer Methodology (STEM) is an effective way to identify the organizational requirements and define the strategy to operationalise them, in order to implement the targeted safety innovation coming from aviation.
  • The Database of Aviation Safety Solution can be used by any organizations operating in a safety critical environment to identify solutions for improvement. 
  • The Web-based Virtual Platform developed by Deep Blue is an effective support tool for maritime organization aiming at identifying safety issue and effectively addressing them.


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