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Skill-UP defines education and training pathways for skilling, upskilling and reskilling professionals of current and future aviation.

PROJECT: Skill-UP: skilling, upskilling and reskilling in the future Air Transport


DURATION: January 2020 – December 2022 (ONGOING)





Skill-UP will define new knowledge, skills and competences required for the different professionals of the aeronautical sector of the future.
Aviation is a rapidly evolving labor market. Starting from the analysis of its needs, Skill-UP intends to design educational and vocational training programs for skilling, upskilling and reskilling current and future workforce in air transport.


Air traffic controllers, pilots, airport operators and drone operators: their jobs are going to change in the next years. In fact, almost 40% of the skills required by key jobs in aviation are not yet covered by existing training courses. To address these challenges, education and training institutions and industries must work together to make the transition from school to work as smooth as possible.


The project includes 12 partners from 5 countries (Italy, France, Portugal, Malta, Turkey). The Consortium comprises education and training institutions (ENAC-Ecole National d’Aviation Civile, University of Malta, Uninettuno, Eskisehir Technical University, Kastamonu University), as well as industry and the aeronautical sector (Deep Blue Srl, INOVA+, Lazio Connect, APANT- Portuguese Association of Unmanned Aircraft, Fraport TAV Antalya, Eurocontrol, Quasar Consulting).


Skill-UP also involves a wide number of stakeholders into an Advisory Board in order to steer its R&I activities. Are you interested in being part of the Advisory Board? Fill in this form to apply.



  • Skill-UP produces an Air Sector Skills Transformation Map to facilitate transitions from education to work. To this end, the Map will describe the new profiles and define new career paths for aviation professionals.
  • It performs a needs analysis, identifies future scenarios and designs accordingly aeronautics VET training programmes for skills development, upskilling and reskilling of pilots, air traffic controllers, ground handling operators and drone operators.
  • It develops a portfolio of training assessment tools to support training users at different stages of the learning process, including a set of tools for ongoing assessment.
  • Skill-UP designs a Knowledge Centre web platform to collect all outputs of the project and present curricula, training activities and guidelines for different user profiles. The platform will allow its users to understand the possible career opportunities, find emerging jobs and trends in the sector, and identify relevant training programs to improve their skills.



Deep Blue coordinates the skill-UP project, and supports its communication and dissemination activities.
We are also responsible for the analysis and identification of skills changes and future scenarios, and we contribute to the analysis of the skills mismatch between education and work.
Moreover, we will design and develop one specific VET trainings for ATCOs, and support the design of the VET Training Assessment Portfolio. Finally, we are responsible for the Orientation and Recommendation System development.

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