STRATEGY: interoperability for crisis management

STRATEGY: interoperability for crisis management

STRATEGY is an Innovation Action project co-funded by the European Commision Horizon 2020 programme that aims to facilitate the EU pre-standardisation process through streamlining and validating interoperability in systems and procedures involved in the crisis management cycle. Led by Satways, STRATEGY brings together 23 partners from 14 countries. The Consortium comprises organisations with different expertise representing technology and solution providers, SMEs, research institutions, standardisation bodies, and end users.

STRATEGY officially started in September 2020 and will last for three years. The project organised its first workshop on the 2nd of December. It was an opportunity to submit the project and its preliminary results to end-users and advisory board members, and therefore to collect ideas, opinions and recommendations from them at the early stage of the project. Indeed, the discussion was very fruitful and the feedback received will be used to feed the upcoming activities.


The STRATEGY project aims to improve the interoperability of systems, tools and operational procedures serving the crisis management domain by developing a Pan-European pre-standardisation framework. In order to do so, practitioners and technology providers will validate and evaluate this framework within a rich training programme comprised of 8 Table-Top Exercises (TTXs) and 1 Full-Scale Exercise (FSX). STRATEGY project’s vision is to materialise the above activities primarily into a set of CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreements (CWA), hence enhancing interoperability in EU crisis management domain. The project also fosters collaboration with the European Defence Agency’s initiatives, in particular within the CBRN-E area (Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives).

Based on the needs identified from previous EU initiatives and the EU priorities, the project addresses 8 streams within the Crisis management cycle, namely Critical Infrastructures Protection, Response planning, Search & Rescue, Command & Control, Early Warning Systems and Rapid Damage Assessment, CBRN-E, Training and Terminology.

STRATEGY validates technical and organisational interoperability standards by implementing uses cases involving EU and National Standardisation bodies. The process involves the selection and implementation of existing, evolving and new standards within solutions, tools, procedural guidelines and recommendations.

STRATEGY aims to actively involve experts throughout all stages of the standardisation process. Therefore, the project has set up an Advisory Board (AB) and an End User Advisory Board (EUAB) bringing together experts from different domains. The ultimate project goal is to strengthen the resilience of EU against all types of natural & manmade disasters.


Deep Blue will lead the activities under the stream “Early Warnings and Rapid Damage Assessment”. Within this stream, we will support the following activities:

  • Design of the use cases and organisation of the TTXs
  • Selection of standisation items
  • Configuration of solutions, systems, tools to be deployed in the TTXs and full scale exercise
  • Initiation of a pre-standardisation process

Deep Blue will also have an active role in Communication and Dissemination activities throughout the entire duration of the project.
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