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Today we are in Eurocontrol headquarters in Brussels (Belgium) to kick-off SAFEMODE, a H2020 project on making Human Factors data and information usable for system and operations designers, safety managers, and regulators. The main challenge of SAFEMODE will be decoding the Human Factors iceberg. While the tip represents what is visible (the human involvement in accidents/incidents),...

Resorting to commonplaces to explain accidents Serious accidents are often commented upon by prophets of doom, who explain them with commonplaces and provide simple explanations to an inevitably complex problem. Blaming the human “The problem is man”, with his faults and the intrinsic tendency to make mistakes. Many said so after the Costa Concordia disaster, the cruise ship...

Innovation and new technologies are changing the nature of work, reshaping the human-machine relationship and replacing old jobs with new ones. As these changes greatly concern the air traffic management sector, it is necessary to prepare for them. What will happen to ATM in the next 20 years? What effects will derive from Big Data,...