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We are glad to take part today in the SESAR PAGAR (Performance Assessment and Gap Analysis Report) Preview Workshop, kindly hosted by ENAV in Rome. PAGAR is one of the flagships of SESAR PJ19 CI. It summarizes all Performance results that Solutions have obtained during Wave 1 of SESAR 2020. This workshop will give a preview...

We will take part in the next SESAR Innovation Days, where we will be supporting four EU research projects we are involved in: PACAS, TaCo, MOTO and STRESS. PACAS organises the tutorial session “Participatory architectural change management in Air Traffic Management system”. The automation-related projects TaCo, MOTO and STRESS bring a joint poster entitled “Keeping the Human...

On the 11th of February, Deep Blue presented NINA project's final results to the SESAR Joint Undertaking. NINA explored the possibility to use brain waves to measure Air Traffic Controllers’ mental workload. Using neurophysiological measures to assess the mental state of ATCOs' opened new paths to improve safety in Air Traffic Management. In fact, the...