Course on U-Space Regulation

Achieving U-Space/ATM Regulatory processes and operational concepts.

Course on U-Space Regulation

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) find several applications and services, making a substantial contribution to the economy. To enjoy these benefits safely and efficiently, it is necessary to integrate them into the existing ATM environment, which means implementing new procedures and technologies and setting a new regulatory framework for a suitable coexistence of manned and unmanned traffic in the airspace.

Ensuring the harmonisation of the airspace

The U-Space regulation and service course provides an overview of the regulatory framework and processes for this integration and also the implementation of U-space and its main services. It is primarily designed for U-space service providers, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) and aviation authorities that need to establish U-space airspace and develop and implement the required services to facilitate operations of both manned and unmanned aircraft. UAS operators and manufacturers may also benefit from this course to understand the technical and operational requirements to safely operate in U-space airspace and exploit the available services.



At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Know the main initiatives for U-space/ATM by EASA, the European Commission, SESAR JU, FAA and ICAO.
  • Explain the regulatory processes linked to the provision of U-space services.
  • Explain the operational concept for UAS integration in ATM.
  • Apply Commission Implementing Regulation EU 2021/664.
  • Highlight the main features of U-space types proposed by Project CORUS.
  • Identify roles and deliverables produced by Standards Development Organisations to support a harmonised implementation of U-space services.

Main Topics and Structure

The course includes:

  • U-space regulation and implementation in Europe and US including an overview of the EU regulatory framework and the LAANC implementation in the US.
  • The ICAO provisions on U-space/UTM.
  • UAS Integration in ATM: rules, procedures, interfaces, and technical enablers including Detect and Avoid.
  • CORUS ConOps for U-space and relevant SESAR projects and initiatives.
  • Regulation and implementation of main U-space services: Remote Identification, Conformance monitoring, Flight Authorisation, Traffic Information, Geo-awareness, and Weather information.




The recommended duration is 4 days. It can also be held in English or Italian and modules can be scheduled consecutively, or as stand-alone modules on non-consecutive days.

The course is delivered in partnership with EuroUSC Italia. (Drone courses for operators and companies – EuroUSC Italia). 

Designed for:

UAS Manufacturers
UTM Providers

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