October 11TH: don’t miss the upcoming URClearED workshop!

October 11TH: don’t miss the upcoming URClearED workshop!

URClearED Consortium is ready for the upcoming workshop in October 11th, focused on the discussion and feedback on RWC design and implementation. The main objectives are the presentation  of the results achieved by the project since today and the feedback collection from the general public and external stakeholders.

The workshop will take place remotely (on GoToMeeting platform) on October 11th 2021, starting at 10:00 am – CEST.

It will consist of two sessions:

  • a first general and open session dedicated to an overview of the URClearED project, with an interactive session to share ideas;
  • a second Advisory Board session focusing on collecting feedback from our experts, but also open to the interested external stakeholders.




First session

URClearED open workshop – Discussion and feedback on Remain Well Clear (RWC) design and implementation

10:00 – 11:00: URClearED presentation

In this first part URClearED will give a general overview of the project, its objectives and current status of work.

11:00 – 12:00: Interactive feedback session and open discussion

This second part will focus on collecting feedback regarding the design and implementation of the Remain Well Clear (RWC) function for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). In particular, the interactive discussion will focus on identifying gaps in our targeted scenarios, technology enablers, and suggestions for the next steps of the URClearED project.

Second session

Advisory Board Roundtable – Feedback on the URClearED Remain Well Clear (RWC) function’s requirements and scenarios

15:00 – 17:00: Open discussion to collect feedback

This session will be entirely dedicated to the Advisory Board, whose precious contribution is required to give feedback about our final targeted scenarios and the URClearED Remain Well Clear function’s requirements, and to share opinions about future steps, in particular concerning the URClearED Test Plan.

However, this session will be open also to the interested external stakeholders who want to participate and/or assist in the discussion.


The workshop is dedicated to experts involved in the RPAS or in the ATC domains to get in touch with the latest research developments and provide personal feedback to steer our project developments. However, if people are interested in  scientific applied research involving conflict resolution algorithms and user interface design for control systems, the workshop session is open.


Registration is needed (and will open until September 30th):

First session – “URClearED open workshop”: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Second session – “Advisory Board Roundtable”: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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